(2 reviews)
The Hair Care Aqua Intensive Conditioner
Rp. 390.000
2 Reviews
Straight, Normal, 25 - 29
02 Aug 2016

This conditioner is a very good products especially for those who have severe oily hair like i do , Before, I would always wash my hair everyday just to makesure i dont have oil on my scalp. For girls, oily scalp is the worst. You will feel heavy, sticky and bad hair day as in a person who doesn't wash in about a week. Ever since i use this product...

Curly, Thin, 30 - 34
01 Nov 2015

Enak banget conditionernya buat rambut yang kering banget.. Rambut jadi lembut, halus dan mudah diatur setelah kering.. Recommended dan worth to try.. Tapi harganya mahal menurutku jadi kalo mau repurchase pikir-pikir dulu.. Dan carinya agak susah.. Wanginya enak dan tahan lama di rambut.

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