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2:15 PM . 17 Sep 17

Wkt pertama x pake barengan sama shampoo ny.. tp pake ini hasilny biasa si, soalny rambut sy emang kering gitu, setelah hbs keramas, hasilny agak lembut, tp setelah rambut kering tetap hasilny gak gmn keliatan, cuman blom ktm conditioner lain yg lbh bagus, soalny klo pake conditioner merek lain rambut sy sering rontok byk

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4:38 AM . 26 Apr 17

Aku beli ama shampoonya dan kayaknya ga ngefek buat rambutku yang kering ini padahal skali make harus banyak soalnya kalo sedikit ga brasa busanya alhasil cepet abis. Ato emang aku sering renang kena air kapurit jadi gak tau juga rambut tetep kering aja tapi untuk harga segitu lumayan isinya ga banyak juga.

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8:06 PM . 03 Jan 17

I bought this because this product was included for my hairfall treatment. Since I did not have any conditioner, the doctor prescribed me this stuff. First impression of using this, it has no any significant smell and the formula is not too thick. I do not use it too much since I don't want to repurchase it again. Once I'm running out of it, I'll not repurchase it again.

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8:57 PM . 31 Dec 16

Aku beli barengan shampoo dan tonic nya. Aku jarang pake sih conditioner ini karna ngerasa ga bisa bikin rambut halus lembut setelah keramas, apply ke rambutnya agak sulit (suka licin dan jatoh ngikut air), ga wangi, dan emang ga ada ngefek apa2 untuk ngatasin kerontokan. Tube nya yang bulky dan isinya banyak bikin lama habisnya. Tapi tutupnya agak lemah karna gampang patah. Karna kurang puas sama hasilnya, aku mutusin pake conditioner brand lain yang biasa dan cocok ku pake (dibolehin sama dokter)

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8:53 PM . 31 Oct 16

I've been using Erhair Restoring Hair Moisturizer recently. I got this along with the Erhair shampoo and Erhair hair tonic which my Erha doctor has prescribed. Don't be confused with the name. It's same product with enormous common commercial hair conditioner out there. A Restoring Hair Moisturizer, as its name implies, is created for intensively hydrating dry and damaged hair condition and regenerating hair structure. It's infused with shea butter and vitamin E  that claims to work synergistically for keeping a healthy and strong hair, moisturizing hair shaft and resulting in smooth and manageable hair. 
To those of you who avoid silicone which is widely known as a hair glossers, alcohol which is widely used for lubricant and paraben as a preservative, you may think twice before buying it because it contains them all. Since I don't mind with those elements, I keep using it. 
I've never used a hair conditioner before. I've always depended on a hair serum or hair oil instead to detangle hair and retain a moisture. Nonetheless, my aim was achieved as expected.
As my doctor suggested, I started to get along with this conditioner. This non-perfume conditioner has white creamy and thick texture. I squeeze it gently for about dime size,  then smear it on my palm and rub entirely into my hair shaft until the hair tips. I apply directly after shampooing, followed by letting it sit for a minute, precisely as the instruction advised. 
I don't like the package. The first time I squeezed it and had it in my palm as desired, the cream came squirting out. What a mess. The Erhair should pay attention to this inconvenience and create 'neat squeeze' tube.   After months of usage, I didn't notice the difference compared to the time when I haven't used a hair conditioner. My hair looks exactly the same as before I used it. I've satisfied enough with a less simple regimen I used to, which didn't include conditioner. This experience has shown me that I don't need conditioner to complete my hair care regimen. I will ditch it and strongly agree to switch back to my old hair care routine. I can say that applying conditioner is one of activity that isn't worth doing. Just waste of time. Errrrr. 
I won't repurchase once I've finished it. I'd rather spend my money to provide more variety nutritious food than to buy useless product. Eat a balanced diet is necessary for a healthy hair and healthy scalps.  

3 User's Overall rating

Erha  Erhair Restoring Hair Moisturizer


1 year ago






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Perawatan intensif untuk rambut kering dan rusak. Bekerja sinergis untuk:

1. Menjaga agar struktur batang rambut tetap sehat dan kuat

2. Mengembalikan serta melembabkan batang rambut.

3. Menjadikan rambut lembut dan mudah diatur.

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Pada awalnya Erha hanyalah sebuah klinik kecantikan yang didirikan oleh dr. Ronny Handoko, SpKK (K) pada 28 September 1999. Lalu, Erha berinovasi dengan mendirikan Erha Apothecary pada tahun 2009 agar masyarakat dapat membeli produk Erha secara bebas. Produk Erha terdiri dari produk perawatan lengkap untuk wajah, rambut, dan tubuh untuk laki dan perempuan dalam segala usia. Semua produk Erha terbukti aman dan telah melalui uji klinis.

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