One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

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19 Nov 2018

Really love this cleansing oil! Doesn’t need to use cotton pad, just rub with my hand and rinse it. It’s easy to rinse btw. Doesn’t oily afterwards, and my skin feels really soft. It didn’t need much to cover my whole face, just one pump when i didin’t used any makeup, and two or three pump when i had my makeup on. A full size can last for more tha... Read More


25 - 29

27 Sep 2018

Aku beli cleansing oil ini in a holiday set. Karena Tatcha lg hype bgt makanya aku pgn coba. Unfortunately, I did break me out. I had tried few time but still I got the same result :( Aku lebih prefer cleansing oilnya sulwhasoo krn ga bikin aku breakout.

24 Jun 2018

The most luxurious cleansing oil I have ever tried. I like that it melts all my make up even the waterproof one, and I only need to rinse with water. No need to use micellar water or cotton pad, because it really removes your make up. The smell is superrrrr calming and the texture is just right, not too thick and not too liquid.


35 - 39

12 Nov 2016

One of the best cleansing oil I've ever tried. The only one that is able to beat this is the Tata Harper cleansing oil. The texture is not too thin but not that heavy as well. Dissolve makeup and emulsified easily. But the price isn't that cheap so I rather use this as a second cleanser or morning cleanser when I don't want to use my balm. You don'... Read More


45 and Above

20 Oct 2016

<span>Best CO ever. Love absolutely everything about it. Packaging, texture, results are all perfect. The oil feels very light. The scent is relaxing. No breakouts. Doesn't sting my eyes, just blurs them a bit... you're not supposed to clean your eyeballs with it anyway. It washes off to a milky consistency that clears up fairly quickly. I don't fe... Read More

08 Jun 2016

Cleansing Oil paling mahal yang pernah aku beli.. Baca review beauty blogger banyak yang jadiin CO ini favorit banget bikin aku jadi mupeng pengen punya.. <br>Dan emg harga ga pernah bohong yah!Teksturnya oil dan ga berat juga bikin aku kalau massage muka jadi enak.. Bau camellia nya yang soft juga ga bikin ngeganggu, justru lebih relax.. Kulit muk... Read More


25 - 29

18 Feb 2016

Lagi keracun parah sama Tatcha, ini produk fullsize pertama yang dibeli, kebetulan dapat harga lumayan, dikonversikan menjadi IDR 770k, Wanginya lembut, teksturnya pastinya minyak, cukup 1 pump, bahkan saya tidak pencet full, sudah sangat cukup untuk semuka, meskipun saya belum coba untuk membersihkan make up, karena sehari-hari saya hanya pakai su... Read More