Maikohan Oshiroi Loose Face Powder

Sakura iro -Sheer Pink-



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5:00 PM . 13 Oct 15

The powder complements the Shitaji Base Makeup. These two are great to achieve mochi-like skin, white with pink undertone. Oshiroi is a loose powder with bulky packaging. Not really travel friendly. But the design is pretty. Mine is sakura-iro sheer pink so the case color is pink. The other one is hada-iro sheer beige (skin color) with white case. I think the hada-iro is for those who have normal undertone.

Oshiroi's puff is soft, but I would prefer brush so the powder won't make my skin look whiter than it already have. This face powder have a net to separate the powder and puff, a unique way, but I think it's preferable than normal holes. I can let the powder out from every side. Love the matte soft finish it does to my face.

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SANA Maikohan Oshiroi Loose Face Powder


2 years ago






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Have the sense of transparency and invisible pores finish to achieve white skin. The cosmetic face powder has perfect finishing and face-lift. In graceful attaching feeling like silk, it will lead to white skin with transparent feeling and invisible pores. It has beauty liquid component that melts on body temperature, blended and wrapped the powder. Even though it's smooth, it is finish with graceful and transparent feeling like silk. The oil and water repellent will repels sweat and water. SPF15 / PA++

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