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7:48 AM . 22 Aug 15

Teksturnya halus banget, warnanya transparan, bedak ini ringan sekali, saking ringan nya seperti tidak memakai bedak, hanya kulit saja yang tetlihat lebih halus sedikit. Staying power nya kurang oke.

Bedak ini isinya sedikit sekali, harganya pun semakin mahal sekarang. Bedak ini cocok untuk kulit yang yang memang sudah mulus dan halus, kalau ada kekurangan wajah yang harus ditutupi, bedak ini tidak bisa menjadi rekomendasi.

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4:01 PM . 20 Aug 15

Pros: lightweight, doesn't clog pores, doesn't sit on dry patches, finely milled texture, pleasant soft floral fragrance

cons: little oil control, low staying power, pale/white finish on complexion

Using this powder feels like using nothing, literally. It's hard to see any noticeable difference when I used this, except for its white ashen look if I used to much. This doesn't set my make up or keeps oiliness at bay too. I'm not quite sure what this powder does

2 User's Overall rating

Bourjois Flower Perfection Loose Powder


2 years ago






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The final touch for a smoothed and beautified complexion! A new generation loose powder with an ultra fine and light texture for a silky smooth, matte flawless complexion. Concentrated with soft-focus microbeads, its formula hides imperfections and smoothes skin. In one easy quick step, complexion is subtly mattified and left silky smooth

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Bourjois lahir di tengah lingkungan theater dan performing arts pada tahun 1862. Lebih dari 150 kemudian, Bourjois tetap menciptakan makeup, fragrance, dan skin care yang terjual luas di seluruh dunia.

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