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original nail envy
hawaiian orchid
Rp. 255.778.53
7 Reviews
Medium Light, Neutral, 25 - 29
26 Aug 2016

suka banget sma hawaiian orchid ini. jdnya di kuku gw kalo satu layer pink. kalo dua layer pink mauve gt. cakep deh. opi banyak bgt yg bagus2. isinya super banyak jd gak pernah repurchase 1 warna walau suka bgt sama warna nya. gak abis2 sih. 

Medium Light, Neutral, 30 - 34
07 Dec 2015

I'm not a nail polish's lover but i love O.P.I nail colour because it's last longer than other brand and they have so many colour!!!<br /> <br /> I get need sometime before i chose this pale pink and some other pink.<br /> However in my opinion this colour is suitable for any skin tone because it's pale yet natural pink. I love it<br /> <br /> Repu...

Light, Neutral, 25 - 29
27 Nov 2015

I like this color! It's a pale pink with a slight lilac tone. Beautifully understated on this cool toned girl. I'm almost done with my first bottle and I'll def be buying a new one. It's looking even better now that I'm tan. I apply more layers on my toes to get the shade of the bottle since it's a bit sheer.

Medium Light, Cool, 25 - 29
09 Nov 2015

Ini warna pink favorit saya. Jatuhnya naturai pink cenderung sheer. Biar lebih keliatan perlu sampai beberapa kali polesnya biar warnanya keluar.Ga gonjreng dan ga bold. Awet dipakainya gak cepet ngelupas.

Medium Light, Neutral, 25 - 29
01 Nov 2015

This is the best pink, with the best coverage I have ever seen. Most pink nail polish tends to appear see through. This is completely opaque, and the color stays true to what it is right out of the bottle, even when dry.

Medium, Neutral, 25 - 29
21 Sep 2015

suka banget sama warnanya OPI yang ini,,,,hawaian orchid,,,,,warnanya yang natural look dan ga norak dan pastinya cocok juga jatuhnya di kulitku yang sawo matang ini. well, aku dibelikan kuteks ini sama adik aku, dan aku sangat suka warnanya. cuma kalo mau cari dicounter OPI agak susah dapetin shadenya karena katanya salah satu yang best seller.

Medium Light, Warm, 25 - 29
13 Sep 2015

I bet everyone know what nail envy is. It's come sort of nail treatment and as far as i know, opi is one of the best. I have the original one and it does great job for protecting and taking care of my nail.<br /> <br /> And even, they launched the new nail envy with color! My heart screamed in surprise and of course, i got the hawaiian orchid, the ...

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