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5:38 PM . 27 Nov 15

I love Essie nail polishes. If I were to of bought the light sheer pink colors the first time I probably wouldn't be in love with them actually. They have a huge amount of whites/pinks but I go for the colored polishes. They are so thick & creamy, you don't need that many coats for the colored polishes. For the sheerer ones, you will need several coats but make sure to put some base coat on.

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8:15 AM . 09 Nov 15

Produk ini ngebantu banget bikin kuku saya lebih kuat, ga gampang patah dan gak rapuh lagi. Kuku jadi lebih cepat panjang. Kutek saya juga jadi lebih awet. Bisa dipakai buat kutek juga, jatuhnya warnanya soft banget

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10:24 PM . 05 Nov 15

I love this product! I first started using it because my nails were peeling and they didn't feel strong. I noticed a difference within a week or two and my nails were totally different in a month. It makes them look awesome, they grow fast so you can shape them the way you want (which was my goal) I just love it...

5 User's Overall rating

Essie Grow Stronger

2 years ago






Package Quality




Essie Grow Stronger merupakan lapisan dasar sebelum pengaplikasikan cat kuku. Produk ini memberikan perlindungan superior terhadap kuku agar terhindar dari retak. Produk ini juga memberikan kekuatan dan vitamin terhadap kuku. Produk ini cepat mengering dan memiliki formula hasil akhir yang mengkilap.
How to Use: Bersihkan kuku terlebih dahulu. Setelah itu, ulaskan produk ini ke kuku sebagai lapisan dasar sebelum menggunakan cat kuku.
Suitable for: -
Ingredients: Gingko Biloba, vitamin E, herb extracts, mineral strengtheners.

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