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Medium Light, Warm, 19 - 24
21 Jun 2016

I choose LA Girl Color Pop in "Intense".<br>The neon pink <br /> color really popped up, the color is a bit sheer, but i love it because i can<br /> control how intense the color that i want. If you want a sheer color, <br /> one swipe is enough, if you want more opaque Color, go for 2 - 3 swipes.<br /> It dries very fast so it so build-able. I l...

Medium Light, Warm, 19 - 24
20 Jun 2016

Really like the neon pink color, it is perfect for the summer. It dried quite fast as well. The packaging looks good, but the brush seem a little to small. I don't know if is it because of the color or the texture of the nail polish, but it does applied kinda sheer, so I need to apply 2-3 layers. The smell is acceptable for me. <br>

Light, Neutral, 25 - 29
09 May 2016

Ini pertama kali cobain nail polish LA girl dan amazed dgn hasilnya. Saya pilih shade Intense. Warnanya neon candy pink yang ceria banget. Yang juara dari produk ini adalah keringnya cepet banget. 1 menit uda kering deh. Saya aplikasikan jari kiri dulu. Begitu selesai dgn yang kanan, yang kiri uda kering sempurna. Aplikasinya gampang, ga gumpal2. K...

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