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Nail Polish Remover
Rp. 122.000
3 Reviews
Sensitive, Fair, Not Sure, 19 - 24
26 Jan 2016

This product is all over the place. Many great reviews about it so can't help my self to try it. It contains aloe vera which is good for those of you who wears nail color a lot because it will help your nail and cutilcle healthier and moisturize.<br /> <br /> It doesnt have any unpleasant smell at all. It's just normal i didn't even notice if there's any. But it's too pricey for just a remover. So will think twice to buy it again.

Combination, Fair, Neutral, 30 - 34
22 Nov 2015

Nail remover ini sangat bagus banget deh buat hapus segala jenis tipe kutek yang paling tebal sekalipun. cukup digosok2 dengan kapas yang sudah dibasahi dengan nail remover ini, maka kutek langsung hilang

Combination, Fair Medium, Warm, 19 - 24
16 Nov 2015

Wanginya oke, buat ngebersihin kuteknya juga okey cepet bersihnya dan ga bikin kuku kering, thats why i love this product, walaupun need effort buat bersihin kutek yang berglitter tapi enaknya ga bikin kuku kering udahnya.

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