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7:19 PM . 30 Nov 15

As someone who's totally new to nail appliques, it is not as easy as it seems. The sizes of these nail appliques still need to be adjusted by cutting them before applying and it's a bit tricky to do so. The sticking part was definitely the easiest part, though the filing/trimming the excess is tricky, I still can't get the appliques to cover the top part of the nails evenly. If you have short nails, these are not recommended because it will be much harder to trim the applique. Staying power is actually better than most affordable nail polishes but the top part of the appliques somehow are prone to get wrinkly and curl downwards and show the actual nails. The color is pretty though.

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Itsy Nails Nail Appliques adalah stiker kuku instan untuk menemani berbagai mood dan outift Anda. Tanpa perlu waktu menunggu dan mengeringkan, Anda bisa mendapat berbagai macam tampilan kuku.

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Aplikasikan pada kuku

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