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8:20 AM . 30 Aug 17

Cream ini ringan banget. Efeknya soothing dan cocok buat yg kulit kombinasi. Setelah ku pake sebotol mukaku tetep kilang minyak, ga berkurang kadar minyak di wajah. Melembutkan? Yes. tapi cuma itu doang. So far ini cream ke 2 yg kubeli di Innisfree dan belum membuatku kepingin repurchase

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3:08 AM . 17 Apr 17

Aku nyoba moisturizer ini karena moisturizer yg uda aku pake bertahun-tahun uda ga produksi lagi. Type muka ku combination. Pas aku pake product ini, ga begitu ada efek apa2 sih dan mukaku tetep berminyak dibagian T-zone. Repurchase? I think no.

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12:42 PM . 31 Mar 17

This is one of my first k-beauty products I've tried and as of now, my most trusted moisturizer IN. MA. LYF. I was battling a really bad breakouts and was researching about acne treatments that led me into korean beauty products. My skin is more of a oily combination type and when I read about this product, it said that it can balance the sebum production in the skin, so it was suitable for combination skin type people. Finally I decided to give it a try and purchased the trial kit which contains the toner, lotion, and creams. I used them for two months, and they actually works on me! I had large, cystic acnes and pimples around my forehead and chin and using the kit helped calm and reduce the inflammation and the acnes started to clear up.

I especially love the cream because it's moisturizing enough on its own and it really help control my oily skin. Mind you, It's not the kind of product that's specifically meant to combat acnes, but like I said it works by balancing the sebum production on your skin--so it won't over produce and make your skin oily, or under produce and make your skin dried out. So in that way, it prevents acne from forming and even when it does, it helps it heal faster. Although the product is targeted towards people with combination skin, I think all kinds of skin type will enjoy this moisturizer.

Packaging wise, it comes in a simple plastic jar just like your typical drugstore face creams. It contains 50 ml of product, which a little goes a long way. Really, you only need a little bit to moisturize your whole face. My first jar took me (with the help of my sister) 4 months to empty with daily use at night. The cream itself is light in texture; to put it simply because I'm not good at this: it's like a thick lotion. It spreads easily on the skin and despite the lightness of it, it moisturizes the skin very well you can actually feel your skin supple and moist to the touch. It has a reeeeeaaaalllly nice and refreshing green tea-y scent to it, I always take a good sniff before I apply it.

Bottom line, my experience with this product have been very satisfying; the fact that it simply didn't break me out was already a good point, and it actually help me clear them up! It has nice scent, nice texture, nice price point, and it gives nice results as well. You gotta try it! <3

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Innisfree Green Tea Balancing Cream


9 months ago






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Combination Type: A balancing cream for deep hydration and nourishment made from green tea and green tea seeds

A moisturizing and nourishing cream containing eco-friendly Jeju fresh green tea & green tea seed. More moisturizing and refreshing than ever before!

1. Green tea extracted from fresh green tea leaves harvested on Jeju Island is rich in amino acids and minerals that help keep the skin moisturized.

2. This product is as light as whipped cream and is absorbed quickly to provide the skin with intense hydration.

3. The cocoa butter forms a thin layer of moisture on the skin and provides intense hydration for combination skin.

[Taken from Innisfree Official Website]

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