Toning White C Radiance Emulsion

Etude House


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8:51 AM . 01 Jan 17

It is a light water-based emulsion/lotion-type moisturiser that I use day & night after the toner from the same Toning White C series. It contains niacinamide, which positively improved my post-acne hyperpigmentation spots, AND reduce red spots when used overnight. Perfect for normal to oily skin, but may take some time to get absorbed by skin. I've been using this for about 3 months (mostly only once a day) & have only been using about 1/4 of the bottle.

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Etude House Toning White C Radiance Emulsion


1 year ago






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The vitamin whitening emulsion smoothens and brightens skin by tidying up skin with moisturizing mineral substances.

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Etude House

Brand kosmetik Etude House yang kini sudah mendunia, berasal dari Korea Selatan dan telah hadir di Indonesia sejak tahun 2008 dengan membuka store pertama nya di Jakarta. Etude House mempunyai misi mewujudkan impian setiap wanita untuk tampil cantik dan memikat dengan make up yang mudah serta menyenangkan melalui produk kosmetik yang atraktif dan konseling yang ramah. Etude House memiliki 4 konsep dasar yaitu kualitas terbaik, harga terjangkau, desain yang cantik dan beragam varian warna menarik.

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