(2 reviews)
Squalene Pure Roots Facial Oil
Rp. 200.000
2 Reviews
Acne Prone, 25 - 29
29 Aug 2016

ini produk haba rangkaian series squalane temennya g lotion, face oil yang gentle banget, it comes in different volume, ada yang 15ml, 30ml, and 60 ml, aku belinya yg 15ml harganya 200k. aku pakai ini untuk face massage sih biasanya dicampur sama favorite emulsion aku, kalo pas winter/kulit kering banget aku selalu pake ini pagi malam di akhir rang...

Acne Prone, 25 - 29
10 Aug 2016

This brand named Haba originated from Japan, this brand is known as their natural ingridients good for sensitive skin and during pregnancy skincare. This face oil have 3 variant (original pure roots, Q10(anti aging), and VC(whitening). It comes for 15ml, 30ml, and 50ml bottles. It helps ur skin to get moistured 24hr without feeling sticky and tacky...

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