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11:15 AM . 28 Sep 17

I use this as my spot treatment, after trying out many OTC acne creams and gels. I love it a lot because it works so damn fast (literally overnight!!) at soothing my hormonal acne or breakouts. And they always heal up with zero scarring or redness. The only downside is how my family and friends often complain about the scent (it is natural but rather strong, especially after I layered moisturizer on my face). I personally don't mind but I'm also the kind of girl who's okay with the traditional Chinese herb concoctions so I guess it's an acquired taste. One bottle lasts me a year or a year and half, so to me it's worth every penny.

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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil

2019 years ago






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Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil merupakan oil multifungsi yang digunakan sebagai antiseptik untuk mencegah bakteri dan jamur, membersihkan dan mencegah kulit dari abrasi, menutrisi lapisan kulit, dan meningkatkan pertumbuhan sel kulit.

How To Use:
Aplikasikan produk ke area yang membutuhkan.

Suitable For:
Semua jenis kulit.

Melaleuca (Tea Tree) Oil.

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