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12:57 PM . 26 Oct 16

another lovely product from bluestone, coconut oil a lil bit thicker than almond, not as thick as oilve oil of course, just a lil bit thicker. i only use this in my body, i don't dare to use it on my face.coconut oil has a mild scent of coconut, i love how mild it is, and this oil absorb well to my skin. even absorb faster than some of my bodylotion/bodybutter. i feel that coconut oil moist better than almond oil, so i use this at night, single use. i love how smooth my skin after i apply this, love the glow effect and love how moist my skin in the morning. even it's oil, i found no stickyness after i apply this, i only can feel how my skin feel so moist as if my skin just got drink.i can't complaint at all.but just one thing i hate is the bottle, sam reason with almond oil's bottle of course.  but that's not really a problem and it's tolerable.

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2:24 PM . 23 Jul 16

Aku suka banget pake VCO ini. Biasanya aku pakai untuk rambut sebagai deep mask dan body oil. Cepet meresap, nggak lengket, melembabkan, baunya standard coconut oil lah ya. Harganya affordable. Botolnya flip dan nggak gampang bocor. Recommended banget buat yang pengen cari VCO

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5:58 AM . 05 Jan 16

This product is really good! Really herbal and organic which is great, and locally made. Perfect for people with dry skin, and it is safe to use everyday. I usually use it at night before going to sleep.

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11:03 AM . 05 Nov 15

This Virgin Coconut Oil has many benefit for skin. I use this particular brand for body oil and also as eye make up remover.
The coconut smells good, not too over powering.
And it does not feel sticky, just make sure you apply on your wet after bath body.
I swear it is very effective as eye makeup remover to. Just gently rub into your eyes, doesn't feel stingy to the eyes, or make them blurry. It's just perfect also for heavy eye make up. And I read it in some articles, this oil make our eye looks younger and delay the wrinkles. Yay!
The packaging is also very nice, they have very practical clip, very easy to use. And price wise is also affordable Rp. 95,000. I've been using it almost 6 months and still have half of the bottle.

4 User's Overall rating

Blue Stone Botanicals Virgin Coconut Oil


2 years ago






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Blue Stone Botanicals Virgin Coconut Oil merupakan minyak kelapa yang kaya akan Lauric Acid, Vitamin E, dan antioksidan. Produk ini dapat menghaluskan, melembabkan, dan menutrisi kulit serta mudah menyerap dan cocok untuk digunakan oleh semua jenis kulit.

How to Use:
Baurkan pada lengan, kaki, dan area-area tubuh. Pijat-pijat secara perlahan hingga minyak menyerap.

Suitable for:
Semua jenis kulit.

Cocos Nucifera Oil.

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