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1:15 PM . 29 Oct 17

aku pakenya pink yang toral flirt sih wanginya sweet bangetttt suka banget waktu pertama kali beli langsung jatuh cinta sama tester nya wanginya bisa kemana mana gitu menurut aku kalau mau repurchase maybe yaa karena banyak banget isinya dan sesuai sama harganya

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4:36 PM . 08 Jan 17

This is the lotion I've tried once when I get bored with my B*W. The fragrance is very strong, it's berry and grapefruit, which I really like. It's okay as long as you wear perfumes which goes along with it anyway, but if you pick something like citrus or greens, you will smell awful lol. Plus, the fact the the bottle is so big has its own pros and cons. The price is quite rational for such amount of lotion, but it's not travel friendly at all so I need to bring it in the travel bag instead of my pouch. The hydrating effect is not so good with my previous lotion, so after I finished the big bottle of this lotion, I went back to B*W.

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Victoria's Secret PINK


10 months ago






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Get flirty in sugar berry and pink grapefruit. This creamy body lotion from our Victoria’s Secret PINK collection creates an instant moisture infusion with aloe, oat and grapeseed extracts and a healthy combo of vitamins E and C.

TIPS & TRICKS: For longer-lasting fragrance, layer with Sweet & Flirty Body Mist.

Fragrance type: Fruity floral

Notes: Sugar berry and pink grapefruit

500 ml/16.9 fl oz


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Victoria's Secret

Victoria’s Secret adalah brand pakaian dalam, parfum, dan produk kecantikan lainnya asal Amerika Serikat yang didirikan sejak tahun 1977 oleh Roy Raymond. Karena kualitasnya, saat ini Victoria’s Secret tersebar hampir diseluruh dunia.

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