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7:51 PM . 12 Feb 17

Body lotion favorit yang sayangnya nggak mengandung SPF, sehingga nggak cocok digunakan di siang hari. Aku suka dengan teskturnya, super ringan dan begitu dioles langsung meresap ke dalam kulit. Nggak memberi kesan lengket dan memperbaiki kulit sehingga menjadikan teskturnya lembut sepanjang malam. So, ini memang my perfect night body lotion. Wanginya lembuttttt dan bikin nagih. Sayangnya, untuk ukuran harga memang agak mahal soalnya kemasannya itu lho cukup kecil. But its okay mengingat qualitynya cukup bersaing.

4 User's Overall rating


3:43 PM . 24 Oct 16

It was inevitable slathering sunscreen to our body without feeling greasy. Thanks to a breed of everyday body lotion infused with SPF which delivers a hydrating benefit with a boost of sun protection. It's a must for me to use a body lotion with SPF everytime I go outside in the daylight. I'm more grateful for living in a country full of affordable and easily obtainable body lotion with SPF. Too bad, most of them weren't as great as I expected.
I've tried some typical body lotions with SPF I bought from Indomaret. The price and packaging were nice. Unfortunately, I didn't like the ingredients which consists of lots of chemical. Therefore these made me feel unsafe and unhealthy. Another time, I found the type which seemed promising to me. Eventhough for a glance I observed that the ingredients were similar with the cheaper ones, I kept convincing myself that the higher price, the better quality. I decided to give it a try. Yes, it glid smoothly. Yes, it smelled nicely. Yes, it felt luxury. But when I finished it, I didn't repurchase and wouldn't look back at this. 
I have high hopes that someday some remarkable brands, such as The Body Shop, Yves Rocher and Evete Naturals will create their own body lotion with SPF. So I will slather them on my body worry-free. *keep calm and fingers crossed
Long story short, I found Senzues Body Lotion Hydracool SPF 20 which approached my ideal criteria. It contains good ingredient, there're antioxidant-rich Matatabi extract for brightening and Glasswort for a hydration benefit. It also contains advanced non-irritant sunscreen with SPF 20 to provide broad spectrum sun protection against UVA/UVB rays. On top of that, it's paraben free. Yeayy!
I apply Senzues Hydracool daily for a daylight time, especially when I go outside. It's light and soothing I barely feel any greasiness. It also does the job its name, Hydracool, yes it refreshes my skin with its unique cooling properties. It keeps my skin hydrated throughout the days.  I can tell, definitely it's very suitable to use in this tropical country. 
I bought the size 200 ml since I thought I use it daily, it would spare me for a month. But,  I kind a hate the bottle which looks like flatten tube. It's hard to squeeze, I have to switch upside down, tap and hit harder to release the lotion. I wonder what were they thinking created such a weird and non-ergonomic bottle like this. Perhaps once I've finished it,  I would buy the 350 ml size, due to a better packaging. 
For around IDR 200000ish, I think it's worth the price.

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3:20 PM . 26 Jul 16

body skin aq kering banget, but after few days pake hydracool jd ga kering lagi. aq lebih make ini buat bikin lembab kulit sih, tapi ++ benefitnya bisa buat sunscreen.  Suka banget banget! aq order melalui instagramnya, pelayanan oke, cepet juga datengnya.repurchase? absolutely :)

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3:02 PM . 26 Jul 16

Awalnya gak sengaja liat instagram senzues_id (senzues indonesia), n' langsung tertarik karna produknya dibuat dr bahan natural, not to mention it's paraben and sulfat free.
Kebetulan aku punya masalah dry skin yg akut banget, udh pake lotion lain tp ttp aja harus reapply at least 30 menit sekali, apalagi kalo kena panas.
Akhirnya aku pake senzues yg hydracool ini dan, ajaib sih ni lotion kulitku jadi lembab banget dan walaupun kena sinar matahari terus, jd ngga iteman.

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10:39 AM . 26 Jul 16

definitely repurchasing!!
ngebantu banget bikin lembab kulit dan sunscreennya, terutama gue kan  tiap hari berjalan2 di bawah teriknya matahari kota depok (biasa, mahasiswa), surprisingly pake ini aku ga iteman dan kering gt, ttp lembab.
Love <3

5 User's Overall rating

SenZues HydraCool


1 year ago

SenZues HydraCool


1 year ago






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SenZues Hydracool adalah lotion yang akan menghidrasi kulit dan menjaganya dari paparan sinar UV yang berbahaya dengan cara memperkuat epidermis. Mengandung ekstrak tanaman dari laut Mediterania yang akan melembabkan dan menyegarkan kulit.

How to use :
Aplikasikan pada tubuh

Suitable for :
Semua jenis kulit

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