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10:11 AM . 18 Jan 16

Dapat dari ponakan, lumayan suka deh ama rosemary&mint ini. Kalo dipakai ada sensasi dinginnya, dari mintnya kali ya. Baunya sih earthy banget, namanya juga organic lotion ya, nggak heran kalau wanginya beda dgn lotion biasa/drugstore.

Kayaknya aku akan beli lagi untuk restok, suka ama sensasi dinginnya dan kelembaban yg diberikan.

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4:57 AM . 03 Dec 15

Bought this 2 bottles and already finished the first bottle.

I like it but not love it. Sensatia body lotion has a very soft scent just like the bar soap.
It helps my skin moist all the time and I love the effect but it doesn't give me a 'wow' effect.

I think this is what natural products gave to you, since the use natural ingredients the effect will be seen after 2-3 months (longer than chemical product).
And i love the mint sensation once i apply this lotion (yes it has mint sensation once apply on your skin)

But i will repurchase this, i how this lotion moist my skin.

4 User's Overall rating

Sensatia Botanicals Body Lotion


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Sensatia Botanicals

Sensatia Botanicals adalah brand skincare asal Indonesia yang didirikan tahun 2000 ini fokus membuat produk dengan bahan-bahan alami berkualitas.

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