Snow White Milky Pack

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9:24 PM . 25 Mar 17

Coba ini karena tergiur review orang-orang. Lengket banget, agak repot karena harus dibilas lagi pakai air, bikin kulit putih instan asal ga dicuci pake sabun, warnanya ga natural jadi kalo dipake harus tipis tipis banget, tahan lama.

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Secret Key Snow White Milky Pack


8 months ago






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"Provides healthy complexion for dull or makeup-less skin for bright and luminous look. Applies lightly on skin without oily or sticky sensation, for soft and lustrous skin. Also, whitening agent niacinamide suppresses the formation of melanin, for gorgeous skin tone. Soft moisture is delivered deep into skin for energetic, resistant skin. In place of thick base make up, just use SNOW WHITE PRINCESS CREAM for beautiful skin. It’s an all in one makeup that needs no other. It will adhere closely to sebum to prevent oiliness, making the need for makeup retouching not as frequent. Also, it prevents pores from enlarging due to sebum, for baby like skin. Natural amino acid moisture betaine extracted from sugar beets provides suppleness and resilience to skin”

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Secret Key

Secret Key adalah produsen skincare asal Korea Selatan yang fokus membuat produk dari bahan alami yang aman digunakan untuk semua jenis kulit dengan harga yang terjangkau.

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