(2 reviews)
Water Lily Hand & Body Lotion
Marks & Spencer
Rp. 50.000
2 Reviews
Oily, Medium, Warm, 40 - 44
19 Jan 2016

Suka banget ama wanginya tapi sayangg kok kurang melembabkan ya?<br /> Lebih melembabkan lotion drugstore, padahal ini harganya lumayan banget cuma harumnya aja yg aku suka jadi aku pakein aja banyak2 klo lg di rumah.

Combination, Medium, Neutral, 25 - 29
26 Sep 2015

I don't think this product suits me. I have a dry skin and I spend most of my time working in a cold room with AC, I need something that can make my dry skin stay moisturized without re-applying it again and again. Since it's not efficient and takes time with my tight working routine. Also, the packaging is not travel-friendly, definitely a big no!

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