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6:46 AM . 23 Oct 16

The first time I found out about this great local body lotion product was when one of the FD members gave her review in chapter BODY LOTION (ABSOLUTE GROOMING). She said that this Evete could heal her eczema. She also said that it was a genuine Indonesian product using all natural ingredients and it's paraben free. Back then, my hunch told that Evete would be my destiny. (And my hunch is right). At once, I jumped on Evete Naturals Official Instagram and saw meticulously about what's written, all the pictures it snapped, and all the explanation it showed. It's rich on many good things which nature provides. All Evete products were made mostly from virgin coconut oil, unrefined shea butter, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, apricot cernel oil, beeswax, vitamin E and essential oils. Wow, what could I ask for more? I was sold!
I'm not a kind of paraben-free freak, I freely use a beauty product contain paraben, as long as it's only a bit and were listed at the end of the ingredients. But if there's natural paraben-free available, absolutely I'd prefer this.
After reading all the product knowledge described on Evete IG, I decided to chose body lotion instead, eventhough its leading product was body butter. I thought butter consistency wouldn't fit me since I live in a hot sweaty BSD and wouldn't give me a comfort sensation because I always apply my moisturizer all over my body. 
It's been more than 2 months I keep Evete body lotion as a main part of my body care regimen. Now, it's already my 4th purchase and I intend to keep having it on my stash continuously. The indulging natural ingredients, such as olive oil, jojoba oil, essential oil, goat milk, and honey are fully contained inside the body lotion. On top of that, the sweet scent of berries boost up my mood every single time. It moisturizes my body without loaded greasiness for hours, and remove my unpleasant itchy rash. (PS: I got my itchy rash from few times exposure of body lotion I bought at Indomaret, prior to my Evete usage)
Usually I spend 250 ml size for about 2 weeks, note that I use it everyday religiously after taking morning and evening shower on all my entire body, thigh, leg, buttock, chest area, back area, leg, arm, feet, hand, and neck. 
Who could resist this natural finest body lotion made by Indonesian folks with full of love that deliver healthy and nourishing skin benefit from the wholesome properties inside it? You, all my fellow Indonesian ladies, must have it!
Now, I'm really dying for Evete to create more body moisturizer with SPF. Definitely, I'll be the number one customer who grab it.
Oya, I usually order Evete online in Berrybenka, this local online shop is a very helpful and very fast shipping. Besides, they often provide a promo code which make me more grateful because I can always get Evete with a lower price than the real price, 

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Evete Naturals Evete Naturals Berries and Cream Goat Milk and Honey Body Lotion


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Giving your skin a healthy boost, absorbs and retain moisture, keeping skin hydrated.

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