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Evete Naturals Berries and Cream Goat Milk and Honey Body Lotion
Evete Naturals
Rp. 120.000
1 Reviews
Dry, Fair Medium, Warm, 30 - 34
23 Oct 2016

The first time I found out about this great local body lotion product was when one of the FD members gave her review in chapter BODY LOTION (ABSOLUTE GROOMING). She said that this Evete could heal her eczema. She also said that it was a genuine Indonesian product using all natural ingredients and it's paraben free. Back then, my hunch told that Evete would be my destiny. (And my hunch is right). At once, I jumped on Evete Naturals Official Instagram and saw meticulously about what's written, all the pictures it snapped, and all the ex...

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