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2:06 PM . 30 Nov 16

Do not look at the price and be alarmed , yes it is on the more expensive side but for the result it gives!incomparable. I believe I have finally found the body butter for me.Rather than buying one of every brand out there I would rather invest in one that does the job others could not do.
I went through a phase where an allergic reaction caused my skin to peel severely and in patches, I tried pretty much everything until I stumbled upon Shea butter.I have always been a fan of Shea in my creams but never going as far as their body butter.I have no regrets buying it at the price it is sold at.
I apply a few dots on the parts of my body I need moisturizing, giving it all a quick rub so the butter is spread all over evenly.I do not even need to wait around to let it dry nor do I have to sulk over stickiness this product is 'apply and you are ready to go'. My skin feels so smooth and even after a shower, someday's I feel my skin remains soft until the next day or so.Very creamy in texture and has a very subtle smell of Shea.
It comes in a tub which I wish they would find an alternative for but for the time being it is not of much trouble to have to open and close the tub. It is a big tub so I don't think I would be running out of it yet.Least not for the next two months.
Definitely a repurchase though.

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L'Occitane Shea Butter Ultra Rich Body Cream


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L'occitane adalah salah satu produsen perawatan tubuh yang diciptakan oleh Olivier Baussan sejak tahun 1976. L’occitane fokus untuk membuat produk wewangian dan juga menjadi salah satu perusahaan pertama yang menyertakan Braille pada produknya. Bermula dari menjual produk di pasar lokal, kini L’occitane hadir di berbagai belahan dunia.

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