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9:15 AM . 28 May 17

Masker ini herbal banget yah baunya. Tp ga bikin keganggu kok ama aromanya. I love a good wash off mask pack and this is full of exciting ingredients !! Uwooow hahaha. Kemasannya juga handy bgt, trs oke bgt dibawa travelling. Abis pake masker ini, kulit wajah lebih terasa kencang dan bersih bgt. Harganya juga bersahabat syekaliii.... 150 ribu rupiah (aku belinya segitu) untuk 80ml. Lumayan bgt kan... off course repurchase !! Yeaay.

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Manyo Factory Active Refresh Herb Pack

7 months ago






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Active Refresh Herb Pack is an intensive purifying mask with MSM and extracts of Centella asiatica, tea tree, motherwort, dandelion, pine needles, propolis deeply cleanses and tightens pores, normalizes the sebaceous glands, soothes, nourishes the skin, evens skin tone, provides a healthy look. Mask actively moisturizes the skin, promotes long-term retention of moisture, improves cell metabolism, strengthens regeneration processes, restores skin suppleness, beauty and youth glow. Bamboo salt contained in the mask nourishes the skin with nutrient minerals, has medicinal properties and gently removes impurities. Penetrating deep into the skin, reduces the amount of propionic bacteria acne, prevents the formation of fatty acids.

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