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4:57 PM . 15 Apr 17

My first Illi product! After finishing few pieces of this sheet-masks, I'm ready to give a review:

It comes in a beautiful tosca color with minimal design. It fills with 21 ml of essence which I think enough to nourish our face. The claim is just clear: moisturizing. So I think I will be a nice lightweight addition in your routine, since it's definitely not a hardworking mask like Leaders mask. I put in after serum, usually leaves for 30-45 minutes. It still contains some excess of essence so I just put it on my neck.It has lotus fragrance, which I was worried of at first. But it turns out that it doesn't only give my face boost of hydration, but also excellent soothing effect. I have sensitive skin which is very prone to redness because of sunburn, heat, etc., and after I put this mask, the redness is just POOF!! all gone. The soothing effect is even better than the Benton Snail line. It also has brightening effect, probably because of the Ginseng extract. The only cons is the fit, it hardly covers my nose! Even the Innisfree or even Etude Air masks were better. So yeah, if you're looking for a lightweight sheet-mask to incorporate into your night time routine, with non-comedogenic ingredients which has great booster effect of hydration yet very soothing, this one could be your best bet.

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illi Han bang Mask Sheet


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Korea illi Han bang Lotus Moisture Mask Sheet Pack - 10 Sheets

Major ingredients : Lotus flower, Chama mushroom, Ginseng

Moisture fill mask with lotus extract moisture skin

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