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Mad For Lipstick


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11:19 AM . 07 Jan 18

Warnanya merah agak pink, pink agak merah (lah, gimana sih?!) gitu deh. Kalo kata web nya ini warna red berry. Yang jelas pigmented banget dan dry to matte yang almost dead matte gitu. Gak bikin bibir brasa ketarik sih, tapi kering dan nempel banget sampe susah dihapus. Beneran susah. Tapi produk punyaku adalah yang keluaran pertama mereka, sapa tau yang keluaran baru lebih bagus formulanya.

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Mad For Lipstick Mad For Lipstick

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(Taken from the website) Desire giving you an incredible colour. You can mix this tone with formal dress or everyday t-shirt. Indefinite, your beauty will set you all day!

With our halal certified by Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) finest ingredients without any paraben and animal cruelty, we present you moisturized and voluminous looking lips. In this luxurious, richly vitamin E formulation that cloaks lips in a lightweight veil of rich color. This Liquid matte stands for your statement of who you are and what you want to be.

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Mad For Lipstick

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