(2 reviews)
F10 Powder/Blush Brush
Rp. 280.000
2 Reviews
Oily, Light, Warm, 25 - 29
19 Jan 2016

One of my favourite blush brush. It's really fluffy and not to dense. It is also soft and picks up powder quite well and makes it easy to blend the blush on cheeks. The handle is a good quality and holds up well over time.

Combination, Medium Light, Neutral, 30 - 34
21 Dec 2015

I like this brush, it's useful. When i forget to bring my f30 i can use this as powder brush, but mostly i use this as a blush brush.<br /> <br /> Brush ini lumayan mengangkat produk jadi menggunakannya cukup light handed saja.<br /> <br /> Repurchase? I think i want to try another blush brush. Doesn't mean this brush is bad or not good but i just ...

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