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O Wow Brush
Rp. 225.000
3 Reviews
Combination, Medium Light, Neutral, 30 - 34
13 Sep 2016

I bought this because i saw my reguler seller promote this brush. Actually i bought this for traveling because the brush's head cover make it looks traveling friendly.&nbsp;<div>So after try this i think this brush is so so, it's soft, as soft as real techniques. The head is smaller than the body so make it easy to reach some face areas.</div><div>...

Combination, Medium Light, Warm, 30 - 34
12 Sep 2016

bisa nyobain kuas ini karena menang beauty contest di female daily,thank you ;* . Kuas ini bentuknya lucu dan brushnya halus banget lembut di muka. Pas dicobain memang terasa bedanya sama pake kuas biasa dan foundation juga lebih mudah di blend. Efeknya memang seperti airbrush,halus dan flawless. Tapi entah kenapa aku lebih nyaman pake beauty blend...

Dry, Medium Light, Warm, 19 - 24
27 Jul 2016

This product is such a good duplicate for Artis/Mac brush which is hella expensive. This brush has a VERY dense bristles, and of course it blends your foundation like a dream.<div>Because of the size of this brush, you can also use it with cream contour or blush.</div><div>I really love this brush.</div><div>The only con that i have to say about th...

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