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4:55 PM . 06 Nov 15

This is a great and inexpensive mini brush set that is perferct for travel. You get almost all the brushes needed to create your make-up look aside from a blush and powder brush. The gold glitter fleck design is really cute and it comes in a tiny clear case for easy transport. I brought this on an overnight trip with me instead of bringing my large brush set and they really did the job. You could even keep these in your car or purse for fast touch ups during the day or on an evening out.

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Sephora Glitter Happy Brush Set

2 years ago






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Sephora Glitter Happy Brush Set merupakan kuas set yang terdiri dari 6 macam kuas untuk semua keperluan make up. Bulu-bulunya telah melewati proses anti bakteri. Satu set terdiri dari Brush stand - Blush brush - Pointed foundation brush - Blending brush - Pointed concealer brush - Allover shadow brush - Lip brush.

How to Use :
Aplikasikan sesuai kebutuhan make up wajah

Suitable for :
Semua jenis kulit

Ingredients :

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