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1:59 PM . 18 Dec 16

Outstanding. A size for every need, for every corner of the face. Luxurious, super soft and dense brushes provide a silky smooth finish. No streaks. Just lovely, smooth skin and a beautiful, easy application. 

Better than airbrushing - total control, fast, clean. Great for contouring, too. 
For the pro and the novice. Angled handle is more natural and comfortable when using. 
The entire brush cost half as much as a single brush from a ‘big name’ company, and as I own that single 'big name company brush', I think these are superior. 

Bought more than 1 set as I use them professionally, and plan to buy a bunch more for gifts. 

Mad For Makeup Better Oval Brush


1 year ago






Package Quality




From applying foundation to blush, this Oval Brush will change your life. Due to its enhanced brush length, density and flexible brush head, you'll apply your makeup flawlessly with ease. So easy, comfortable and effortless, people will think your are a makeup artist.

Made by Mad For Makeup. Makeup Accessories priced right for the rebel beauty in you.


- Provides flawless coverage

- 100% Synthetic Hypoallergenic Hair

- 20% Longer + Denser Brush Head

- Flexible Head for constant pressure application

- From Singapore

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