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Art Class Lip Crayon
3 Vivid Orange
Too Cool for School
Rp. 185.000
1 Reviews
Normal, Fair Medium, Warm, 45 and Above
03 Aug 2016

This lipstick looks like crayon ! And I know I have to get this as soon as I look at TCFS's counter at Seoul. The lip crayon has creamy texture and sheer pigmentation. The finish is like gloss but there is no shimmer, glitter, or sticky feeling at all. It looks so natural and has summer vibe on it . It'll be good for natural daily look. It moisturizes your lip but it also transfers so it is not long-lasting. I would say that this is more like tint. Also, this product needs to be sharpened since it breaks easily. It is quite price...

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be the first to review!
(1 reviews)

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