(2 reviews)
Eco Soul KISS Button Lips Matte
Bitter Chocolate
the SAEM
Rp. 100.000
2 Reviews
Normal, Medium, Neutral, 25 - 29
16 Feb 2018

LIPSTICK KESUKAAN TITIK! Pertama keracunin ini dari morgan the beauty breakdown, trus mau beli sold out terus. pas sekali ada langsung beli. Dan ini adalah lipen yang selalu aku bawa di makeup pouch. Finishnya matte-satin gitu which is very great on me. Trus ini kalo kalian buat ombre, so totally gorgeous! Harus banget beli ini! harus harus harus! ...

Dry, Medium, Neutral, 45 and Above
01 Sep 2017

matte lipstick done right. it glides on very smoothly, doesn't look patchy at all, and has high color payoff. the only downside probably is how the lipstick shaped, i had a hard time putting it on my lips precisely. i think it would be much more better if the initial shape is like every round lipstick on the market.

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