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8:49 AM . 28 Oct 15

First of all, really love the cute packaging, a little bit futuristic, very awesome. The color is dark bronze, with glitters. Lots of them. So expect a lot of shimmers. Will look amazing to wear at night. The scent is interesting because it's kind of chocolat-ey. Also, it doesn't dry out my lips at all. Love this. Will absolutely try another TheBalm products.

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4:14 PM . 14 Sep 15

I have one shade: Mai Billsbepaid. What an eye catching name!

I actually love the color, it is beautiful nude on me, my MLBB to-go.

But unfortunately the texture was a little off to me. The texture is too creamy, but not smooth, definitely they don't suit my dry lips. They don't stay too long either.

The packaging is a silver tube, which mine has been scratched here and there T_T

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3:11 PM . 09 Sep 15

Girls lipstick adalah lipstik tercepat yang saya punya..maksudnya cepat adalah yg paling cepat saya lego. Hahaha. Saat booming the balm girls kira2 1 atau 2 tahun lalu, saya dengan pedenya beli mia dan mai. Begitu datang, kecewanya bukan main. Ternyata biasa saja, pigmentasi juga tidak istimewa dan yang bikin saya turn off adalah minty sensasion-nya. Saat aplikasi lipstik ini, bibir terasa pedas dan lumayan lama bertahan sensasi pedasnya. Saya tidak masalah dengan lipstik sensasi mint tapi tidak setajam the girls. The girls di vanity saya hanya bertahan hitungan hari dan hanya satu kali swatch masing2 lipstik, langsung saya jual.

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7:59 PM . 17 Aug 15

Punya beberapa warna, overall this is just your average lipstick. Kelebihannya, rangkaian lipstik ini pigmented, creamy, dan gak ngeringin di bibir.

- Mia Moore: A neutral-leaning-to-cool red. Very pigmented. Kurang lebih mirip sama Ruby Woo dari MAC.
- Mai Billsbepaid: A pinky nude, this would probably turn a nice MLBB on fairer skin tones.

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2:38 PM . 27 Oct 13

- uniqe name
- good and sturdy packaging
- the cap isn't easily off
- lasting power so-so
- don't dry my lips
- i love the minty scent
- the shades:
* mai billsbepaid :
flattering nude shade with mlbb finish
* foxxy pout :
shimmering bronze, can wear it sheer or builded
* anita toyboy :
my least favourite, this cool pink frost is just not my colour

maybe i'll buy mia moore, that rich creamy red started temtping me

3 User's Overall rating

The Balm Girls Lipstick

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The Balm Girls Lipstick adalah lipstik yang memiliki pigmentasi yang tinggi dan kaya akan kandungan pelembab.

How To Use:
Aplikasikan langsung pada bibir


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