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Lasting Finish by Kate Moss
Rp. 109.247.57
3 Reviews
Oily, Medium Light, Warm, 18 and Under
07 Apr 2018

aku punya yang nomor 28, warnanya pink, pas dipake di bibir terasa lembab dan yg pasti ga bikin bibir pecah-pecah , menurut aku dia kurang tahan lama, dia juga ga transferproof (aku pernah pake lipstick ini dan minum, sebagian warna lipstiknya nempel di gelas mungkin karena terlalu lembab.

Combination, Medium Light, Warm, 35 - 39
05 Dec 2013

First and foremost, this lipstick is cheaply priced. So, it's a no-brainer for me to get it. I got myself the red one, no. 01. Color payoff is amazing, a truly red lipstick. Unfortunately, it doesn't stay long on me. It smudges just about anywhere: glasses, straws, spoons, food, and my kids when I kiss them. I have to re-apply after meal or drinks....

Normal, Medium Dark, Warm, 30 - 34
21 Oct 2013

If I ever go bankrupt and only have some money left to buy one beauty product, this is it! It's cheap but the result is far from cheap. I love how this lipstick can lasted almost the whole day, yet doesn't dry out my lips. And I also love the chic, matte black packaging with Kate’s signature & embossed Rimmel logo, which I think is one of the b...

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