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9:46 PM . 05 Dec 15

I have this in 280N 'Bibi Rose', Asia version. It has no shimmer, no scent, beautiful sheer coverage, and just really moisturizing! Super love! :D The packaging has an industrial kinda vibe, dan badannya lebih pendek than a usual lipstick (padahal banyak isinya standar kok).

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8:22 AM . 19 Nov 15

Aduuuh lipstick ini enak banget di bibir beneran deh. Makasi Mba Manda yg udah ngasih lipstick ini. Hehehe... Pas swatch di tangan, warnanya terang, tapi di bibir soft banget. Aku pakai no 351 M. Glossy tapi ga lengket di bibir, dan yang pasti ngga bikin bibir sering.<br />
Kemasannya elegant.<br />
Buat ngampus tiap hari pas banget deh!

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11:01 PM . 25 Oct 15

I innitialy fall in love with the colour 170N western version and ask a friend to bought it for me. Didn't know that they have different version here in Asia, so i ended up with the lighter and sheer-er version compared to what i want. Fortunately the colour is gorgoeus. It's suit for everyday use, just to make a MLBB (my lips but better). It have glitter but not too much, just enough to make ur face not so dull. And like any other lancome's lipstick, its moisturizing.

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11:33 AM . 22 Sep 15

Lancome has 2 versions of Rouge in Love; the Europe (or US?) version has more vibrant, pigmented shades with creamier finish whilst the Asia version is more sheer, translucent finish.

If you're looking for high coverage / opaque lipstick, you don't need this Rouge in Love - Asia line as this is a sheer, moisturizing lippie. Very good for balancing a bold eye look, or a natural no-makeup look.
I picked #163 Rose St. Honore from the Rouge in Love - Asia collection. It's lovely!
It gives a nice, almost-transparent cherry red color on my lips with an enough hint of shimmer. It's like my lips have been soaked in cherry juice and come out looking reddish and moist. It lights up my whole face, and with minimal makeup you will get that effortlessly beautiful look.
But with this kind of finish, you have to be careful when choosing shades. I have another one in 230 Jolie Matins - it's a beige pink shade that doesn't look good on me at all. Almost too similar to my natural lip color, so if I put it on it's just like putting on a clear gloss.

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4:29 PM . 22 Aug 15

packagingnya elegant dengan lapis an silver dan tulisan rouge in love. suka bgt sama design packagingnya.
untuk warna, sayangnya kurang pigmented. harus diulas ke2 kalinya baru bnr2 terlihat warnanya.
lipstik ini juga kurang stay powernya. dipakai makan dan minum langsung hilang.
overall, warnanya natural tip kurang long lasting.

4 User's Overall rating

Lancome Rouge In Love


3 years ago

Lancome Rouge In Love


2 years ago






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Love your lips! Finally, the long wear lipcolor you'll love to wear. This collection of radiant, high potency colors, with up to 6 hours of wear, is surprisingly featherlight, offering delightful comfort. Available now in 6 new shades to love.

Discover the lipcolor that describes you best and let your lipcolor show your mood, any time of the day.

Categorized in 3 moods:

Jolis Matins: Fresh shades for daytime wear. Jolis Matins shades are identified with the letter M in the shade number.

Boudoir Time: Pop shades for cocktail hour. Bourdoir Time shades are identified with the letter B in the shade number.

Tonight is My Night: Intense shades for magical nights. Tonight is My Night shades are identified with the letter N in the shade number.

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Lancome adalah brand skincare, makeup, dan parfum premium asal Perancis didirikan oleh Armand Petitjean pada tahun 1935. Dimulai dengan toko parfum, saat ini Lancome telah didistribusikan secara internasional.

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