Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour

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3:07 PM . 24 Jul 16

it is pricey indeed. it is matte-finish, but it doesn't make your lips feel dry. the only thing that i don't like about this lipstick is, the color is kinda hard to see. u need effort to apply this on your lips for like 3-4 times until the color can be seen. packaging wise, it is chic and classy but i still prefer ysl's formula and packaging

3 User's Overall rating


3:46 PM . 20 Jan 16

I love the reouge allure and velvet packaging so i'm drooling over this lipstick. Seduisante is a medium pink lipstick with a slightly pearl if you take a look at it closer. It glides on smoothly on my lips and i love the moisturizer it gave as well

4 User's Overall rating


6:00 AM . 16 Jan 16

Ini texturenya bagus parahh, kaya ada pearlnya gt kalo di bibir, kalo di foto juga keliatan banget ini lipstick high end, karna yg ngebedain dengan yg murah ya texturenya. I really love it! Tapi kalo soal tahan lamanya ini agak kurang ya soalnya harus touch up beberapa kali. Ysl jauh lebih tahan lama daripada ini

5 User's Overall rating


9:54 PM . 07 Jan 16

I love the packaging so much. It's really a beautiful elegant packaging. Luckily I don't find this lipstick drying on my lips. I love how easy it is to apply. It looks pretty on the lips with its luminous finish. Staying power is just so-so, it doesn't last very long on my lips. Needs to reapply right after you eat.

4 User's Overall rating


2:39 PM . 06 Nov 15

I once had it in shade 129 Surprenante. The color is peony pink with a lil bit gold shimmer, very sweet and cheerful. It gives instant fresh look for the whole complexion.
I also loveeee the packaging, one of the most beautiful lipstick I've ever had.
Unfortunately, I found it drying on my lips.
It leaves ugly chapped and dry lips (even though I wear lip balm before applying. It really break my heart T_T

3 User's Overall rating

Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour


2 years ago






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Chanel Rouge Allure Luminous Intense Lip Colour adalah lipstik bertekstur sangat lembut dengan warna yang sangat nyata. Lipstik ini memberikan hasil akhir yang satin dan berseri-seri.

How To Use:
Aplikasikan lipstik langsung pada bibir secara merata

Suitable For:
Semua jenis kulit


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Chanel adalah salah satu anak dari brand fashion Chanel yang juga mulai meramaikan beauty industry pada tahun 1920 tentunya oleh Coco Chanel. Dimulai dari keberhasilannya memproduksi parfum, ia pun berkembang dengan produk makeup dan skincare.

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