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9:15 AM . 28 Nov 17

Lovely packaging, similar or might be copying the famous ball-balm EOS however with cheaper prize ($3+ for EOS and $1 for kleancolor) Quite moisturizing with right enough scent and big surface, small and convenient size. +: packaging makes it easy to use, quite moisturizing , cheap -: not too common choice of variants: cherry (red), grape (purple), pineapple (yellow), peach and strawberry (the only common scent, pink colored)

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klean color Klean Color Ballbomb Balm

1 month ago






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Might be a dupe for famous eos lip balm, similar packaging and also product concept except for the variants sold might not be as well planned as eos balm.

For the texture and results also would be slightly different since the price is quite different (eos: $3.29 vs kleancolor $1 in the official website)

From fragrance-wise, klean color gives variants which is not quite common for any lip products.

I bought several for me and my friends: grape(purple), pineapple (yellow), peach (peach), strawberry (pink, ok this one is pretty common), blueberry (blue), and cherry (red).

+ : quite handy, easy to apply, bigger surface, not require us to use our finger, quite moisturizing

-: not the best moisturizing lip balm, uncommon type of scent, less active ingredients than eos or other lip balm products

Bought this in makeupuccino Bandung

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