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Lip Pencil
Boldly Bare
Rp. 223.080
2 Reviews
Combination, Medium Light, Neutral, 35 - 39
18 Dec 2015

as i was saying before, i just love mac. Brand no. 1 terfavorit untuk alat dandan. <br /> <br /> lip liner ini warnanya bagus tapi agak ribet kalau lagi buru 2x &amp; lip liner sudah pendek karena harus diraut. other than that, i love it.

Oily, Medium Light, Warm, 25 - 29
20 Sep 2015

Can i say that i just love this kind of shade, the texture is lovely and it does last long on me? because that's what happened..<br /> <br /> The scent is very pencil-y, if that ever has a meaning. <br /> <br /> Easy to shape and good..<br /> <br /> i even love to wear it as lip color :D

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