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lovely mew

9:56 PM . 25 Oct 15

Hand cream ini terlalu greasy dipakai di kulit..wangi si enak..tapi terlalu greasy di kulitku..packagingnya juga terlalu besar si untuk dibawa kemana mana..jadi agak repot juga jadinya..ga travel friendly..so far lebihbsuka brand sebelah untuk hand cream walopun lebih mahal

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3:58 PM . 07 Sep 15

This was one of Bath and Body Works' Signature Collection that's already been discontinued. The texture of this product is quite greasy and doesn't dry very quick, but it moisturizes my hands very well. It has a strong scent, which can either be a plus or a minus. For me, unfortunately I'm not a fan of the rose scent. But if you're a fan, you will like this because the scent stays for a quite some time on your skin.

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Bath and Body Works Hand Cream


2 years ago






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A modern and unforgettable fragrance that is inspired by the many beautiful ways to love and be loved.

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Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works adalah retailer produk-produk perawatan kulit, rambut, dan wewangian asal Amerika Serikat yang sudah didirikan sejak tahun 1997 oleh Leslie Waxner. Bath and Body Works pun melakukan ekspansi dan sudah tersedia hampir di seluruh negara.

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