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12:01 AM . 17 Jan 16

I have this snce long time ago, im impressed with babyliss quality, it really last for long.
However i don't really like this hot roll because it's not simple to use. Sometimes the hot roll it self hurt my skin.
I prefer other hair styling.

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4:41 AM . 10 Jan 16

Dulu suka pake pas jaman SMP dan SMA. Cuma karena agak ribet pemakaiannya, aku jadi kurang sering make sekarang. Kadang suka kena panas dari roll-nya itu sendiri. Jadi suka bete deh. Tapi tetep suka sama Babyliss! ♡

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5:07 PM . 28 Dec 15

This is the best hair styler I've ever known! It's very easy to use, and you will get the volume and natural curl like wonder. It's perfect for "preparing" the hair before setting up an updo or you can just spray and leave it after a few stroke with fingers.
The downside is only that it's very bulky and heavy, not travel-friendly kind of hairstyler.

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11:06 PM . 30 Oct 15

hot roller ini buat rambut saya yang sangat mudah loss kurang efek, walau sudah saya gunakan foam atau hair spray sebelumnya :(
saat mengaplikasikan tangan harus memegang roller panas juga :( kurang user friendly sih :(

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8:03 PM . 24 Sep 15

Sebelum banyak versi catokan yang bisa membuat rambut curly dan tahan lama, kira2 10 tahun yang lalu aku bela2in beli produk ini. Setelah dipikir2 ribet pemakaiannya... Harus dipanasin beberapa saat, belum lagi harus dibuka satu2, dan packagingnya makan tempat gak praktis dibawa2.. Beruntung sekarang banyak produk catokan yang ringkas dan hasilnya awet hehehe

4 User's Overall rating

Babyliss Hot roller


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The BaByliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers include 20 fast-curl ceramic rollers which deliver high-heat performance for fast, perfect curl formation with a smooth finish. With variable temperature control, it is suitable for all hair types. Includes 3 different size rollers for styling versatility and comes with 10 super clips and 20 metal pins to secure the rollers in place.

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Babyliss adalah brand alat penata rambut yang didirikan sejak tahun 1961. Menjadi pelopor flat curling iron di dunia, Babyliss dikenal dan semakin berkembang sampai saat ini.

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