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3:32 PM . 07 Jul 14

Yesterday evening, i was strolling around at the mall with my toddler and can't help myself to enter the L'Occitane shop because of the bright orange theme from their latest Jenipapo products was so much inviting. I was taking a good observation about their Jenipapo products line, then i found this! Perfumed oil roll on. Such a youthful scent come in handy! I love the lightly sweet and yet refreshing scent and also i love the roll on concept! It makes it really easy to be applied on. Plus the tube is slim and not so tall, so it will not be too spacy on your make up pouch. Perfect size for traveling. L'occitane also has another scent in this roll on concept such as EDT cherry blossom (which is their best seller) and so on. But Jenipapo is the only EDP oil roll on they have. I applied this perfume oil in the morning before i went to office, and now i could still lightly smell it. (Its 3.30 pm btw).The only minus is the price is too expensive for that 10ml tube.

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L'Occitane Jenipapo Perfumed Oil Roll-on


3 years ago






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L'Occitane Jenipapo Perfumed Oil Roll-on adalah parfum inovatif berbentuk roll on. Cocok digunakan saat musim semi, dapat digunakan untuk touch up saat bepergian sepanjang hari. Formulanya tidak mengandung alkohol.

How To Use:
Oleskan parfum pada bagian tubuh yang diinginkan setiap kali dibutuhkan

Suitable For:
Semua jenis kulit

Key Ingredients:
Jenipapo Extract

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L'occitane adalah salah satu produsen perawatan tubuh yang diciptakan oleh Olivier Baussan sejak tahun 1976. L’occitane fokus untuk membuat produk wewangian dan juga menjadi salah satu perusahaan pertama yang menyertakan Braille pada produknya. Bermula dari menjual produk di pasar lokal, kini L’occitane hadir di berbagai belahan dunia.

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