(4 reviews)
Ralph HOT for Women
Oriental Vanilla
Ralph Lauren
Rp. 1.000.000
4 Reviews
lovely mew
Combination, Fair Medium, Warm, 30 - 34
23 Oct 2015

Suka banget ma packaginyaa..cakepnwarnanya..suka ma turquiosenya...pas dicium aromanya enak karena aku suka wangi vanila sih jadi enak2 aja..cumq emang lebih enak wangi vanila brand sebelah..klo ini manis banget wanginya..kadang suka pusing jadi pakenya dikitt aja cukup.

Normal, Olive, Warm, 40 - 44
26 Sep 2015

I bought this because it's purple. I just love the color of the bottle! And it turns out that the vanilla and woody scent was too strong for me. The longevity is extremely strong for me, it kast until the day after.

Combination, Medium, Neutral, 30 - 34
14 Sep 2015

I love the whole complexion of this product.. Longevity, scent, packaging and its color.. Ungu dan tosca kalo combained lucu juga ya warnanya.. Hahahahah.. Oke, Ralph and Lauren adalah brand favorite sy ke sekian untuk urusan parfum. Aromanya manis dan gak terlalu nyengat ya.. Longevitynya seperti EDT kebanyakkan, bisa stay sampe 8-9 jam.. Repurcha...

Combination, Fair, Neutral, 25 - 29
08 Sep 2015

I was interested to buy this frag because of the bottle :p<br /> <br /> I accidentally saw it in the mall, and decided to buy it without sniffed it first Just because Purple and turquoise are my fav colors! LOL<br /> <br /> And i've never regretted buying it..<br /> It's vanilla and it suits my body chemistry..<br /> My family and friends always sa...

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