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6:15 PM . 03 Jun 17

Sumpah sekarang gue lagi gabut dan milih buat ngereview parfum2 dan ketemu sama ini, gue gak pernah pake ini, sahabat aku yang malah suka banget and end up gue malah kayak keracunan sama wanginya yang strong banget. Gue sampe pusing kalau nyium nih parfum. Lucu aja sih kalau ingat gue kalau ketemu sama parfum ini hahahaha makanya gue review disini buat kenang2an akan sensinya gue sm parfum ini:')

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2:27 PM . 10 Aug 16

Wanginya kalem ga bikin pusing dan bikin penampilan makin PD. Cocok untuk teens tetapi dewasa juga bisa-bisa za. Aku pernah pakai ini sama baby aku yg masih 2 tahun. wanginya enak dan tahan lama meskipun EDT. Bentuk boyolnya unyu2 sekali

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8:13 PM . 10 Sep 15

This EDT has such a lovely floral musk scent that's not overbearing and it also has a good staying power too on the skin. The packaging is okay, not too great but not too bad either, it's just I'm not a fan of its heart-shaped thing right under the cap. It's only a matter of preference though.

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Moschino Cheap and Chic Light Clouds


2 years ago






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Light Clouds is a fragrance by the house of Moschino and it arrived on the market in June 2009. The perfume is composed of peach, cyclamen, lotus, jasmine, rose, ambrette, cedar and musk. It is available in a blue-white flacon with clouds, in amount of 30, 50 and 100ml edt, as well as in an accompanying body care line.

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