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Elie Saab


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11:17 AM . 17 Apr 16

Beli samplenya dulu nih. Wanginya sesuai karakter saya banget! Ringan, kalem, dengan wangi vanilla dan citrusnya, menambah kesan sporty. Yah walaupun cuma bertahan beberapa jam aja sih tapi ga mengecewakan lah :D

5 User's Overall rating


7:20 AM . 27 Jan 16

This lux perfume smells floral & soft.
Karena nuansa nya romance, cocok deh digunakan saat nge-date. Aku ngga begitu suka dengan parfum yang baunya terlalu strong, so this one suits me right!
Sayangnya, parfum ini spertinya ngga begitu tahan lama untuk stands out di sekitar tubuh, mungkin sekitar 3jam saja. Lebih lama bertahan di pakaian, ketika dicium dari jarak sangat dekat.

5 User's Overall rating


5:30 PM . 30 Nov 15

Unique scent for unique personality. It's feminin, elegant, and classy at the same time. Orange blossom with a little hint of vanilla scent. Edt ini lebih kuat tapi lama kelamaan akan melembut wanginya, tapi tidak terlalu awet dan tahan lama apalagi kalau cuaca sedang panas. Wanginya akan lebih cepat hilang.

4 User's Overall rating


11:32 PM . 27 Oct 15

hmm wanginya tuh antara vanilla sama almond, agak mirip sama escada. cuma ini lebih strong huehue di gw sih lumayan tahan lama, makin lama dipake makin lembut kok wanginya. gw suka sih, botolnya juga unik, classy and elegant.

4 User's Overall rating


8:17 PM . 14 Oct 15

Parfum ini baunya enak nggak nyegrak. Nggak begitu tahan lama. Baunya nggak gitu tahan buat seharian jadi harus direapply lagi kalau mau wangi lagi. Baunya ringan dan lumayan membuat kita jadi refresh lagi.

3 User's Overall rating

Elie Saab Le Parfum LEau Couture


2 years ago

Elie Saab Le Parfum LEau Couture


1 year ago






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L`Eau Couture is the olfactory continuation of the designer s Ready-to-Wear 2014 Spring-Summer collection, in which ethereal fabrics as light as petals chisel a magical fusion between woman and nature. It captures the ecstasy of nature blossoming in an urban springtime setting.

For L`Eau Couture, Francis Kurkdjian dreamed up a brand new tribute to freshness, which he leads into sensuality characterised by absolute sophistication. L`Eau Couture reinterprets accords in a way never seen before.

"The idea to create a Couture Eau is quite uncommon in this register. It s a sophisticated, sensual freshness, far removed from the conventions found in fragrances usually created in this repertoire" - Francis Kurkdjian

Here, Orange Blossom unveils an unexpected facet, inspired by the fleeting period when the newly-bloomed blossoms exude slightly almondy notes. As its traditional honey-like aromas are subdued, Orange Blossom inhabits the fragrance like a poetic whisper. Its subtly textured floral freshness, upheld by intricate transparency, is an echo of sun-kissed femininity.

A fusional Accord of crisp Green Almond unites the blossoms with the bed of vanilla at the perfume s base. An irresistibly light Vanilla Infusion reveals the transparency of the floral notes, which it enshrouds in an addictive aura, creating a soft and luminous sillage.

Dressed in an elegant water-green box, the delicately facetted bottle reveals a crystalline green juice. Radiance and transparency resonate like an echo of the original freshness of this new fragrance. L'Eau Couture lets us discover freshness like a promise of new emotions. It invites us to dive into new sensations born of the lightness associated with the newness of spring.

The newest fragrance by Elie Saab named Le Parfum L'Eau Couture will be available in 30, 50 and 90ml EDT bottles before Spring 2014.

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