(2 reviews)
Night of Fancy
Floral, Fruity, Woody
Anna Sui
Rp. 500.000
2 Reviews
Combination, Fair Medium, Warm, 30 - 34
17 Jan 2018

Wanginya sebenarnya enak banget, tapi sedikit strong for my liking. beli vial 5ml nya doang buat coba2 karena penasaran. Not bad lah. aroma nya juga awet banget. tapi ya gitu, pake nya harus setetes dua tetes aja. di area yg jauhan dari hidung.

Sensitive, Fair, Cool, 30 - 34
20 Aug 2016

This is like the best EDT I've ever had. First, the packaging is really beautiful. Of course, it's Anna Sui, right? It looks really pretty on your desk. Trust me. The scent was the best! Aroma floral dan woody ada aroma vanilla nya juga. It's is just too perfect. I wish they would bring it back to the market. Ini limited edition sih, it's like few years ago they finally discontinued dan belum ada EDT/EDP Anna Sui yang mirip dan mampu replace Night of Fancy ini menurutku. So sad. I've repurchased this 3 times. Yes, that's how much I lo...

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