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3:30 PM . 10 Jul 17

Parfum ini cocok untuk kulit sensitif, apa lagi yang suka migraine kalau nyium bau parfum (dibuktikan oleh teman saya yang sering migraine). Wanginya seperti produk bayi dan fresh. Biasanya selain saya gunakan di badan juga saya semprotkan di kasur dan horden. 

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Zwitsal Eau de Zwitsal


5 months ago






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Eau de Zwitsal - the pleasant and healthy perfume scent from the Netherlands. Treat yourself to a fresh, floral fragrance with the delicious scented Eau de Zwitsal. In the Netherlands Eau de Zwitsal is one of the most popular perfume classics. Young and old delight in the characteristic scent of Eau de Zwitsal. One of the reasons it enjoys such a popularity is due to its excellent skin compatibility, being hypoallergenic and consisting only of non-allergic ingredients.

Eau de Zwitsal is a very soft, light scent by the Dutch established company Zwitsal. For more than 100 years, this Dutch firm has succesfully been producing cosmetics and toiletries especially for babies. Allergics and people who suffer from sensitive skin often have difficulties in finding skin-compatible fragrances and perfumes. The search is over as Eau de Zwitsal is a dermatologically tested fragrance. Let yourself be surrounded by a pleasant scent of flowers.

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