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10:15 AM . 21 Sep 17

Wanginya soft vanilla gitu. Beli mini size nya sih karena aku picky soal parfum. Longevitynya medium di aku. Yaaa..cukuplah menurutku. Cocok buat summer time gini. Somehow wanginya mirip dengan zara nuit, cuman yg ini lebih banyak vanilla nya dan sweet.

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3:05 PM . 01 Jun 16

i love this unique fragrance. ketahanan wanginya seharian banget yah, dan makin lama wanginya makin enak dan stay longer to refresh 'lusuh time' haha. well, harganya kemarin aku beli sih di 500an yah aku lupa detail nya berapa. its worth ya..karena botolnya juga lumayan gede, jadi tahan lama juga 

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4:51 PM . 30 Nov 15

Dear Rihanna, you have outdid yourself this time!

This one to me is a pretty sweet cocoa powder, coffee and rum. It reminds me a bit of a bailey's coffee and at the same time it has a spicy warmth to it that is divine from the ginger/patchouli. Whenever I used this EDP, my friends would say I smell like a walking Starbucks. It is unique and interesting and I absolutely love it! It's sexy and feminine but it also has an intoxicating strong edge to it.

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Rihanna Rebelle


2 years ago






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After last year's edition Reb'l Fleur by Rihanna, which we have announced exclusively at TFWA 2010, Rihanna in collaboration with Parlux is launching her second fragrance named Rebelle this year.

Rebelle arrives on the market in spring 2012 as a fruity-floral with strong gourmand chords. Top notes encompass plum, strawberry and ginger; a heart offers heliotrope, vanilla orchid and cocoa absolute, while a base features a trail of musk, coffee, patchouli and amber.

The fragrance will be available in a flacon shaped like the last year's edition, created of transparent glass and red and gold surfaces.

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