L de Lolita Lempicka

Oriental Vanilla

Lolita Lempicka


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9:50 PM . 03 Aug 16

parfum ini wanginya maniiiiiisssss banget.. vanilanya wow. awet baunya, pertama kali spray memang aga strong, tapi lama kelamaan setelah bercampur keringaat jadi sweett bgt. cuma kalo buat orang yang ga terlalu suka manis bisa eneg bau parfum ini. soalnya hampir ga ada kesan segernya. so far salah satu parfum termanis yang aku punya. kemasannya juga lucu. love it.

4 User's Overall rating


2:31 PM . 02 Apr 16

Such a beautiful perfume...sweet cloud of vanilla and cinnamon, mixed with slight saltiness.It captured me from the first time i sprayed on me.Must note that this was a blind buy and I'm incredibly happy to own this one.
Its sweet and warm,creamy scent with a spicy edge to it,very yummy and i must say i dont find it childish-it can be worn from women of all age.
Long lasting frag and a truly enjoyable experience.
Captivating bottle that takes you to another fairytale world..LL are perfumes for people with imagination who never stop dreaming.Im one of them-thumbs up!

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9:54 AM . 10 Sep 15

Parfume dengan aroma vanilla yang lembut..pertama kali disemprot aromanya strong, tapi lama kelamaan makin enak dan awet dari pagi sampai malam hari. my everlasting parfume...kemasannya so girly, aku sering bawa di dalam tas karena untuk sehari2 ngantor aromanya light, bercampur keringat semakin lebih lembut keharumannya :)

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12:14 PM . 08 Sep 15

I looovvveee everything about this fragrance!!

when i first saw it a few months ago, it was like "MY GOSH, THIS L IS SOOO ME!!"

look at its color, it's turquoise, it's beautiful, & it's my FAV color.. and the bottle is too cute to ignore.. <3

then I read the notes.. hmm.. vanilla, cinnamon, tonka bean, bitter orange, musk... WAIT, VANILLA!! I LOVE VANILLA!! So I promised myself to buy this fragrance.

it's a lil bit hard to find it here, but FINALLY I found it a week ago, & without a doubt I bought it online.

I received it a few days ago, and when I opened the box, I was sooo excited!!

Yes, the bottle is cute..
Yes, the color is beautiful..
And yes, it smells wonderful!!!

vanilla+cinnamon.. yummy.. sweet but not overly sweet..
It's not that "fantasy - britney spears" kind of sweet..
It's different, more mature, and sexy.. :D

Longevity is good..
Sillage is also good.. Good enough to make others notice the scent & compliment me..


5 User's Overall rating

Lolita Lempicka L de Lolita Lempicka


2 years ago






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Lolita Lempicka L de Lolita Lempicka merupakan pewangi dengan aroma oriental vanilla yang diluncurkan pada tahun 2006. Produk ini merupakan perpaduan jeruk, bergamot, imortelle, cinammon, musk, tonka bean, vanilla, dan cendana.

How to Use:
Semprotkan pada area leher dan lengan secara merata.

Suitable for:


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Lolita Lempicka

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