BLACK for her

black violet, white hyacinth, citrus, tuberose, magnolia, lotus flower, white musk, sandalwood and s

Kenneth Cole


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2:45 AM . 14 Feb 16

This product has a lovely smell. Ini parfum faforit aku. Udah hampir 4 tahun aku parfum ini dan ga pernah kecewa. Wanginya high class banget, ringan tapi kuat dan ga lebay yang bikin nyengat di hidung.  Ini parfum semacam amfibi. Kita bisa pake parfum ini buat daily, ngedate, ngantor bahkan buat datang ke pesta.  So overall, parfum ini perfect for all occasions.base notes : woodsymiddle notes : floraltop notes : citrus(+) tahan lama(+) wanginya halus kuat tapi ga nyengat(+) cocok untuk kegiatan apapun(+) desain simple tapi elegan(+) tersedia dua ukura. 50 ml dan 100ml(-) tempatnya dari kaca, jadi riskan banget(-) gaada di Indo dan ga sembarang tempat ada (hanya ada di outlet butik resmi Kenneth Cole)

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Kenneth Cole BLACK for her


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Spray on Kenneth Cole's Black for Her for those special evenings out with friends or a romantic date, or create a sense of mystery and authority at the office by dabbing it on before work. Perfect for complementing a dressy outfit for the theater or a charity gala, this luxurious scent has rich woodsy base notes and opens with flowery notes followed by citrus highlights.

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Kenneth Cole

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