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3:59 PM . 18 Jul 17

First thing first to say that i am actually not a fan of juicout, because i thought it was dedicated to younger girls and i am not that young, but i just want to try this babe out, checkin if she is "that good" hahaha anyway, first i sprayed it on my clev i can smell it when the wind blows me, till two hours i can still smell it, then got home after eight hours workin indoor, i still can smell it just a lil hint. i dont know if i am going to repurchase and it may be sound weird but i smell amore mio parfum at first spray and also a lot of fruity scent. It is pretty but just not for me, i am more strong scent kinda person :)

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Juicy Couture  Viva La Juicy Noir

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