(3 reviews)
Viva La Juicy Noir
Juicy Couture
Rp. 650.000
3 Reviews
Normal, Medium Light, Warm, 18 and Under
07 Apr 2018

the more ‘lux’ scents than the others. baunya sweet but something different ini tuh ga overly sweet so its more ‘adult’ than the rest of them gitu haha. not really the best and the lasting power is so weak

Normal, Medium, Neutral, 19 - 24
21 Jan 2018

Bau nya enak banget sih ✋?✋? tapi aku tidak menemukan nya di Indo aka susah dicari (atau emang aku gatau kalo sebenernya ada?!). Tapii, untuk daily use rasanya agak sayang krn isi nya dikiiit. Btw, perfume ini baunya mirip bgt sama VS yang Tease ? jd skrg aku pk itu krn lebi muda dicari dan lebih murah jgg ✨

Normal, Medium Light, Cool, 25 - 29
18 Jul 2017

First thing first to say that i am actually not a fan of juicout, because i thought it was dedicated to younger girls and i am not that young, but i just want to try this babe out, checkin if she is "that good" hahaha anyway, first i sprayed it on my clev i can smell it when the wind blows me, till two hours i can still smell it, then got home afte...

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