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Body Tender
Rp. 725.000
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Oily, Fair Medium, Warm, 19 - 24
28 Oct 2015

This one is a fresh, cool rose with powdered petals. <br /> Super feminine, yet it has some bitter bite to it that gives this scent a character. <br /> It is clean and lasting, very versatile occasion wise, although almost too feminine for me

Dry, Medium, Neutral, 25 - 29
27 Oct 2015

beautiful floral fragrance. gw pake ini bisa kapan aja ga mesti special occasion atau pergi ke mol. It's so light and feminine. It smells so sophisticated and classy. i have one sample, it takes 5-6 use. wanginya tahan lama 5-6jam. suka banget sama burberry floral ini

Combination, Fair, Cool, 19 - 24
26 Oct 2015

Wangi parfum ini feminim bgt ...but not to strong <br /> Feminim ,elegan , dan fresh bgt ....cmn botolnya ini agak berat bgt, worth it buat yg suka aroma feminim <br /> Sayang Ketahan parfum ini cmn sbntr dan g trrlu awet , Jd harus sering reapply ...

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